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Raymond Forklifts

RAISING THE PRODUCTIVITY BAR Most of the inventions in the almost century-old history of the materials handling business were a response to a specific need – and there have been quite a few forklift-related inventions since the industry began.  Competing companies lay claim to particular inventions, but one that is often overlooked is an item […]

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Buying Used Forklifts: Pros and Cons

     In many cases, good arguments can be made for having a combination of both new and used forklifts in a business. Good management will include decisions about short and long-range equipment rotation that involves both new and used forklifts.  If your equipmentplanning includes the purchase of used equipment, what are some of the factors […]

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Buying a New Forklift

     The decision to buy a new forklift is an important and expensive business investment.  The first aspect of that decision is whether or not it will be “new” as in brand spanking new – off the showroom floor.  The criteria for purchasing a brand new forklift are very basic and a bit different than […]

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