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Mitsubishi Forklifts


Mitsubishi Forklift PricesMitsubishi was founded in 1870 by Yataro Iwasaki – the son of a samurai family – who played a leading role in transforming Japan into a modern industrial society. The company’s first venture was shipping, but through the years Mitsubishi has become synonymous with high tech and high quality products in numerous fields.

While the Mitsubishi name has been around for over 100 years, its association with Forklift products did not come about until 1992, when the Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks brand was formed through a joint venture with Caterpillar, Inc.  That stellar dual branding in itself gives witness to quality and integrity of the company.  The company’s promotional material boasts that “Mitsubishi gives you more.” 

Used Mitsubishi ForkliftsMitsubishi Heavy Industries, the parent company, has a tremendous engineering heritage, global in scope, which includes spacecraft, jet planes, power plants, cars, and scientific and medical equipment. By applying the same high standards and technological principals to materials handling equipment, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has developed a range of well-engineered products, including: IC engine counterbalance trucks (diesel and LPG), Electric counterbalance trucks, Powered pallet trucks, Stackers, Order pickers, Reach and multi-way trucks. These products combine high specifications and performance with competitive prices that make Mitsubishi a leader in this highly competitive field.

As an example of its leadership in the materials handling category, Mitsubishi’s innovative PREMIA ES pedestrian power pallet truck won a prestigious international design award in 2012. A jury of 30 international experts selected the hard-wearing pallet truck from a field of more than 4,500 products, representing 1800 companies from 58 countries for its “Red Dot” award. Driven by the need for non-stop performance in the most challenging conditions, Mitsubishi designers paid special attention to durability and efficiency issues when developing these water-resistant pallet trucks.

Mitsubishi-forklift-dealersThe PREMIA ES features a sealed chassis which offers protection to key components against water, dirt, dust and other particles. The truck’s high-efficiency electronic system also uses waterproofed components, for maximum reliability. The award recognizes exceptional products which demonstrate that “design is an integral part of innovative product solutions.”

In addition to this pedestrian (non-electronic) hand pallet truck, Mitsubishi offers a wide variety of powered models.  A good example of Mitsubishi’s leadership in electric forklift models is the EDIA EM – the company’s latest 3 and 4 wheel, 48 volt, 1.3 to 2.0 ton electric counterbalance series.

The single most important factor in increasing the productivity of a forklift truck is ‘driveability.’ This principle, proved by over two decades of independent research, has driven product development at Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks for many years, and it’s the driving philosophy behind the EDIA EM, the ‘Electric Diamond.’  Mitsubishi designers have aimed to make its operation highly intuitive and give the driver a strong sense of confidence and control.

Mitsubishi Forklift RentalsDriver-friendly features include FeatherTouch electric steering, which requires only half the effort of a conventional system and provides ‘force feedback’ to aid precision. Comfort is enhanced by the remarkably smooth, quiet steer motor. In fact, the average noise level for the truck as a whole, in a standard industry test, is about the level of normal conversation.

Mitsubishi uses the term ‘ErgoCentric’ for its approach to meeting drivers’ needs. This is reflected in, for example, a particularly large, flat and uncluttered floor space and clear all-round visibility, as well as the conveniently deep, wide step and exceptionally large ‘entry window’.

The company points to its attention to detail in the design and positioning of each control, such as the hydraulic levers which are said to bring a feeling of precise movement. Buyers can also opt for a fingertip hydraulic control unit, based on the company’s award-winning adjustable armrest concept.

In some ways, the EDIA actually ‘thinks’ for the driver through Mitsubishi-pioneered hydraulic and travel interlock technology in its Integrated Presence System (IPS), which prevents all movement if the driver is not seated and gives seat belt and parking brake reminders. For extra security, IPS2 automatically applies an electronic parking brake when the driver leaves the seat. And when the truck is being driven, a hill-hold feature prevents accidental rolling – even on steep ramps.

The new Controlled Cornering System (CCS) optimizes travel speed for each turning angle. EDIA is also fully programmable, allowing performance parameters to be adjusted precisely to meet the needs of each operator and task. Importantly, a range of simple settings can easily be selected by the driver via a multi-function, color display unit.

The most attractive qualities of the EDIA include its low maintenance needs and high energy efficiency. Mitsubishi also offers its new lateral battery exchange option in the EDIA, which makes the process quicker and safer than ever.

Mitsubishi trucks have an unbeatable reputation for dependability – the result of exceptional design and exceptional build quality. Keeping them in peak condition and maintaining their productivity is equally important – so every truck is supported by an international network of carefully selected and fully trained local dealers.  Mitsubishi’s worldwide headquarters is in Sagamihara, Japan and their US Manufacturing center is based in Houston, Texas.


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