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Nissan Forklifts


Nissan Forklift started producing forklifts in 1957 as a business unit of Nissan Motor. Since then, utilizing Nissan Motor’s automobile technologies and networks, Nissan Forklift has supported the operation of various industries by providing forklifts and other material handling equipment in the global market. For more than a half century, their products and network of Nissan forklift dealers have been highly evaluated by customers all over the world. In 2010, to maintain and support the growth of the forklift business, NISSAN FORKLIFT CO., LTD. was established as an independent entity.

Nissan Forklift For Sale
Nissan Forklift Sales

In order to ensure quick delivery and the flexibility to respond to different regional needs, Nissan Forklift has established four production bases – in Japan, USA, Spain and Sweden. A strict quality control system has been implemented at all four locations in order to guarantee consistent quality and reliability in all their products. Nissan Forklift prides itself for its global sales and service network of distributors and dealers covering over 85 countries around the world. Customers can always rest assured that experienced professionals will be on hand to provide quality service and support over the lifetime of their purchase.

Employing the same meticulous quality standards and development processes as those used for Nissan passenger cars, the company has implemented an uncompromising product development program based on the concept of “perfect balance” – high-quality forklifts that equally satisfy the requirements of owners, operators and the environment.

Making use of advanced engine technologies developed for passenger cars, Nissan Forklift products meet emission standards that surpass the strict regulations of Japan, the USA and Europe, and also offer productivity-boosting performance balanced with impressive fuel economy.   All Nissan Forklift manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified.

Marengo, Illinois is home to Nissan Forklift Corporation’s North and South American headquarters, where their team of 350 associates is dedicated to the design, manufacture and support of their products.

Nissan Forklift Rentals

Summarizing Nissan’s history in the material handling business, the first Nissan forklift rolled off the assembly line at Nissan’s Totsuka Plant in 1957, making them one of the younger companies in the industry. In 1961 Shinnikkokukogyo Co., Ltd. (now called Nissan Shatai Co., Ltd.) was commissioned to design and manufacture forklifts and by 1965 they were exporting to the United States.  In 1988, with the acquisition of Barrett Industrial Trucks, Inc, local manufacture of forklifts began in the United States and in 1993, Nissan Forklift Corporation, North America was established.

In the highly competitive material handling industry, what exactly does Nissan bring to the table that distinguishes it from its competitors? The Nissan answer is “The NFC Advantage: Value-Added Offerings as standard equipment.” For example, included as standard equipment for certain products powered by Nissan’s K21 and K25 engines are the following:

  • Engine/Transmission Protection & Warning System to prevent excessive heat generation or loss of oil pressure for extended engine and drivetrain life
  • Full Suspension Seat for greater operator comfort throughout the shift
  • Maximum Travel Speed Control to ensure that operators maintain the speed restrictions set by individual operations
  • Multi-Function LCD Display to facilitate understanding of critical vehicle status
  • On-Board Diagnostics for fast, simple diagnosis of service needs
  • Programmable Service Reminders to promote a more consistent preventative maintenance schedule
  • Security PIN Access for greater fleet control
  • Air Cleaner & Low Coolant Warning offers enhanced service notification
  • Low LP Fuel Warning provides advanced warning for the operator

Consider this only one example of value-added features that Nissan provides as standard.  Value added features abound throughout Nissan’s product line.

Also, at Nissan Forklift Corporation, training for operators is taken seriously. The company provides a variety of training courses designed specifically for their dealer network and customer base to teach proper and safe operating procedures for their lift trucks, as well as the basics of service and maintenance for each forklift in your fleet.

Used Nissan Forklift For Sale
Used Nissan Forklift For Sale

Each operator training course Nissan offers, whether direct operator training or Train-the-Trainer instructor development, is conducted by one of NFC’s seasoned training professionals. Each training event incorporates the most current safety regulations required by OSHA. Hands-on courses are offered, as well as an on-line curriculum through Nissan Forklift’s web-based education platform.

Nissan also offers a comprehensive Fleet Management program that helps your company identify areas in need of improvement and assists you in anticipating your company’s maintenance, repair and replacement needs before they catch you off guard.

Nissan Forklift enjoys a rich heritage of offering products that deliver high value to their owners. With the same meticulous quality standards and manufacturing principles incorporated into Nissan’s forklift operations, the result is no less than the finest material handling equipment the industry has to offer.

Nissan Forklift Corporation

Marengo, Illinois

Phone 800.871.LIFT


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