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Taylor Forklifts


Taylor Forklift DealersWith 85 years of experience to back its claims of excellence, Taylor Forklifts started as a small machine shop in 1927 and grew to a world-wide organization with state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing resources. Today, Taylor Machine Works has grown to become one of the United States’ leading manufacturers of industrial forklift and material handling equipment, with over 100 models ranging in lift capacity from 16,000-lb. to an astounding 120,000-lbs. At the very center of this success has been an unwavering commitment to the key concepts of Faith, Vision and Work by the members of the Taylor family and employees who collectively form what they proudly call “The Big Red Team!”

Taylor Forklifts For SaleTaylor Machine Works claims to produce industrial trucks for the material handling trade with the lowest total operating cost in the industry. The company has become a world-wide operation with sales driven by the professional and aggressive activities of a vast domestic forklift dealer sales, direct sales, and international sales organization.

One of the features that Taylor Machine Works claims sets it apart from most of its competition is its ability to respond to the individual and unique needs of its customers.  One of its buzz phrases is “We engineer and build what you need” – as a way of proclaiming its ability to respond to requests for customized machinery.

Taylor Machine Works prides itself on being able to design, engineer, and manufacture equipment tailored specifically to meet the material handling needs of any client’s unique business. Each machine built must pass stringent guidelines, insuring that their customers receive the best possible product Taylor offers. Whether building a special truck or a fleet of trucks, all Taylor products are supported by their trade-marked “Sudden Service” legendary after market customer support.

Taylor Forklift PricesTaylor’s forklift trucks are supplied in capacities from 7 ton to 60 ton, and are available in a wide variety of configurations to suit any demanding industrial application. Steel, Aluminum, Automotive, Concrete, and other such industries are supplied with forklift equipment to match their plant and yard needs. Pneumatic or Cushion Tired, Short, Medium, or Long Wheelbase, Diesel, or Propane; Taylor has a forklift model designed to suit the needs of any client, no matter how unique.

Taylor’s product catalog describes thirty-eight models of Pneumatic Tire Industrial Forklift Trucks with 24, 36 and 48 load centers, in capacity ranges from as low as 16,000 pounds to as high as 120,000 pounds. There are six Rough Terrain Forklift Truck models with handling capacities ranging from 18,000 lbs. to 36,000 lbs. They produce two models of Removable-Counterweight Forklifts, a Rigger Forklift, a RORO Forklift Truck and sixteen models of Cushion Tire Industrial Forklifts, ranging in load capacities from 18,000 lbs. to 50,000 lbs. There are eight models of Empty Container Handlers, and two models of Loaded Container Handlers.  Their selections include Reach Stackers and Log Stackers and a few Specialty Products.  This wide selection of products is indicative of Taylor’s aggressive response to industry needs.

Taylor Forklift DealersTaylor Machine Works’ line of heavy duty forklift trucks, container handlers and specialty machines continues to lead the industry due to their emphasis on ruggedness, reliability and support. For over 85 years now, Taylor has been bringing their credo of faith, vision and work to the world’s users of Heavy-duty lift machinery.

Taylor operates with the belief that a satisfied customer is one that receives the full range of the user experience. Their products are first designed and built to standards that meet only the toughest of business conditions. They design in only the best and strongest available materials and vendor items so as to make sure that their machines will operate day after day, year after year.

Finally, the industry recognizes Taylor’s reputation as the best available anywhere. That is why their machines remain at the top of the list in the resale market. While they may not be the lowest priced machine available, customers know that new or used, a Taylor is the best machine built. They are committed to providing customers with the best equipment, the best after sales-support, and the best overall owning experience available.

Taylor is a full service company and provides services after the sale intended to help the customer maintain and protect their equipment. They believe that the most important thing that a business owner can do is to make sure the equipment owned is running properly. Machine downtime doesn’t make any money. It makes sense to ensure that they are getting the most out of their investment. With that in mind, Taylor implemented “TaylorTrak Remote Monitoring System” to ensure that customers have the information available at their fingertips to help keep things running.

 “TaylorTrak” gives the customer the ability to keep track of daily usage and operating data such as operating hours, fuel usage, and service interval settings wirelessly. Using the proven TICS system (Taylor Integrated Control System) in conjunction with the GSM (Global System for Mobile) and GPS (Global Positioning System) networks, time-stamped data and location of individual machines is available within a business’s entire fleet.

As can be seen, Taylor Machine Works is very serious about protecting its well-earned 85-year reputation for excellence as one of the leading manufacturers of industrial forklift and material handling equipment. Their promotional material says it this way: “From Modest Beginnings… Come Great Things” and “You Can Depend on Big Red.”

Taylor Machine Works International, Inc.

7 Edge Road
Alpha, NJ 08865

Phone: 908-454-4770

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