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Buying Used Forklifts: Pros and Cons

     In many cases, good arguments can be made for having a combination of both new and used forklifts in a business. Good management will include decisions about short and long-range equipment rotation that involves both new and used forklifts.  If your equipmentplanning includes the purchase of used equipment, what are some of the factors to consider?

     Your initial consideration should be to determine how much usage the pre-owned forklift has gone through.  The secret is not to just look at the age of the vehicle.  Age is certainly an important factor, but the amount and nature of usage on the forklift is a better indicator because use equates with wear and tear.  Ascertaining how much work – and what type of work – the forklift has performed in the past plays an important part in its overall operational capabilities and life expectancy.  Try to purchase a used forklift from a company that has maintained some kind of use and maintenance log of its operational life.  Was it used solely indoors in a warehouse?  How heavy were its normal loads during its previous work life?  How was it maintained? 

Pre-Owned Forklifts For SaleIf purchasing your used forklift through a dealer, your next hurdle is to find a reputable dealer that is selling equipment that is not outdated, nor forklifts that have been abused or neglected in their previous work life? It is generally recommended that the safer decision is to buy locally, but only after first doing your homework on the Internet to determine what is selling and at what cost, then go shopping locally. If you are augmenting your fleet of new machines with used forklifts, we recommend that you buy the same brand of used forklift as your new machines in order to economize on the maintenance and parts issues of both.

     Be sure to check out the required safety equipment when examining your prospective used machine. Concentrating only on the operational, performance and productivity aspects of the vehicle, while overlooking the safety features, can still lead to purchasing a lemon.  Bringing along a company operator to perform a test drive which includes a few basic high and low tasks is recommended. And when calculating your cost, remember also that transporting a forklift to your warehouse from a distance can prove costly, so try to include free delivery in the deal.  Buying used forklifts means that you can get more for your money in terms of features than you would if you spent the same amount buying a new forklift. 

     By taking these few precautions you can enjoy peace of mind that you are buying a top quality piece of machinery that will not break down as soon as you take delivery.  Another aid in preventing a poor choice of product would be to take advantage of the consumer advice available through the US Forklift Network’s multiple websites aimed at helping the Forklift purchaser make the right choice as an informed and knowledgeable consumer.


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