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Kalmar Forklifts


Kalmar Forklift DealersKalmar Forklifts are better known in Europe than in the United States, mainly because of their origins in Sweden and late entry into the US Forklift competition. They also have an identity issue when pitted against the more commonly recognized material handling products because of their strong association with seaport activity. However, they are quickly becoming a household name thanks to their durability and niche problem solving capabilities. When shopping for a Forklift with unique capabilities to address uncommon workplace demands, Kalmar Forklifts should be included in the mix of products considered for purchase. The company contends that every fourth container or trailer transfer at terminals around the globe is handled by a Kalmar machine. Kalmar Forklift owners benefit from the unique knowledge that comes from a truly solutions-driven, innovative provider of container and heavy duty materials handling equipment, automation applications and related services.

Kalmar Forklift SalesPerhaps more a novelty fact than an incentive to purchase a Kalmar Forklift, Kalmar is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for manufacturing the largest forklift in the world. Today, Kalmar has production plants in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Malaysia, China and the USA in order to meet customer needs the world over. Kalmar offers the widest range of cargo handling solutions and services to ports, terminals, distribution centres and to heavy industry. Through its extensive product portfolio, global service network and ability to enable a seamless integration of different terminal processes, Kalmar improves the efficiency of every move.

Because their primary niche is seaport terminal equipment, one of their flagship models is the Kalamar 4×4, a terminal tractor that can be easily adapted to meet the various needs of cargo handling in ports and terminals. They can handle semitrailers, terminal trailers for containers and roll trailers with goosenecks. For RoRo handling, Kalmar heavy duty tractors have a high tractive effort to easily climb steep ramps and perform tight turns on slippery decks. For heavy roll-on/roll-off handling and industrial applications, Kalmar has the sturdy 4WD terminal tractor. The tractor can also be used in MTS-applications as a heavy pulling tractor.

Kalmar Forklifts is also a leader in empty container handlers. Handling empty containers is a fast-paced job. Containers have to be moved or stacked quickly and efficiently. They must be stacked high and close together in order to exploit the available land area to the fullest.

Used Kalmar Forlift For SaleAs land area gets more and more valuable, high stacking and a minimum of ground space becomes an important factor in material handling. Kalmar Forklifts fulfill both the conditions of fast and efficient stacking and the condition of minimum ground area.  The two empty container trucks ranges are the Kalmar empty reachstacker and Kalmar straight mast empty container handlers.

In response to the articulated requests from demanding terminal operators all over the world, Kalmar developed the new ultimate toplift handler, the Kalmar DCF series. These heavy-duty container handlers have been developed exclusively for ports and terminals with strong demands on productivity and high quality operation. When Kalmar designed the DCF top-lift, they already knew the detailed status of all the main alternatives on the market. Hence, they designed a machine which meets or exceeds the specifications of the competition, on the spec sheet and in reality.

Used Kalmar ForkliftAnother one of Kalmar Forklift’s popular products is the Reachstaker. Reachstackers are aimed at small and medium sized container operations. They are capable of handling containers and trailers as well as providing effective handling solutions in industrial environments. 
The Kalmar reachstacker family has a selection of machines guaranteed to meet most customer demands – from top of the range machines to custom-built standard counterparts. Kalmar Forklift’s focus is always on providing machines that demonstrate optimal performance at the lowest operational cost over a machine’s entire lifetime.

Kalmar Forklift’s prides itself on its Straddle Carriers, the recommended choice for medium-size terminals handling between 100,000 and  4,000,000 TEU a year. The straddle carrier functions as an independent system. Kalmar has now launched the 7 generation straddle carrier family that offers the optimum choice for every type of straddle carrier operator.  The new 7th generation range covers all models from a shuttle carrier to 4-high straddle carrier.

For high performance advanced terminals the enhanced Kalmar Edrive® ESC range offers now lower operating costs, stronger sideframe for continuous twinlift operation and modular drive system with direct driven wheel hubs.  The new W-type front cabin together with Smoothlift™  hoist system and rigid frame ensures excellent visibility and driver comfort which makes the enhanced Edrive® the ultimate driver’s machine. Engine and cabin are positioned to the furthest points at top frame for maximum driver comfort.

This range of Kalmar Forklift’s material handling equipment is relatively custom designed for the terminal industry, but several of the products are multi-functional and may be adaptable to other industries, depending on your needs. Thus, it is advisable that companies with unique needs consult with Kalmar Forklift professionals as they explore their materials handling equipment needs.  Kalmar is at the cutting edge when it comes to developing new innovative products and advocates the promotion of intelligent systems solutions as an integral part of its mission to customers. Kalmar Forklifts insists on creating added value by applying new approaches in long-term relationships with their customers.

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