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    Genie Forklifts


    Genie Forklift PricesGenie Industries was founded in 1966 when Bud Bushnell bought the manufacturing rights to a material lift that operated on compressed air. Customers seemed to be impressed with the “magic in the bottle” that was used to raise and lower the hoist, and hence the “Genie” name was born.  The use of compressed air to propel forklifts was a major innovation at the time of its introduction and gave Genie a proprietary position among its peers.

    Over time, with growing demand for work lifts and platforms, Genie expanded operations and established itself in new markets. Since then, products such as man-lifts, stick booms, articulated booms, light towers, and telehandlers have been added to the Genie product line and is supported through a nationwide Genie Dealership network.

    By the early 2000s, to maintain economic stability, the company decided to seek a partner that held the same values. Terex Corporation, with a history of acquiring equipment manufacturers worldwide proved a good match for the business.  In 2002, Genie Industries became a part of Terex.

    During the years following the acquisition, due to its strength and reputation in the marketplace, it was determined to maintain the Genie brand within the Terex Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) segment of Terex.  Hence, all Genie machines continue to be sold under the Genie brand. Genie maintains its product excellence and is dedicated to minimizing waste, improving quality, listening to their customers and providing outstanding support long after the sale.

    Genie forkliftGenie products deliver more than equipment designed for reliability, easy operation, convenient service and uncompromising safety. The company also provides tailored service and support from a team that understands competitive challenges. The company is committed to making a client’s business better. From scissor lifts and telehandlers to telescopic and articulating booms, Genie equipment is designed to help improve a company’s bottom line. 

    Genie’s product line is not your standard, run-of-the-mill forklift truck or vehicle. The company offers a variety of uniquely designed and non-traditionally operated units. To illustrate, we’ve selected a few examples of Genie’s unique contributions to the industry.

    The Genie brand was born in 1966 with the original Genie Hoist – a unique portable pneumatic lift that was so successful, it launched the development of a full range of material hoists and aerial work platforms. Today’s Genie Super Hoist continues the legacy of innovation with an incredibly compact, easy-to-use design. Genie’s literature describes the features of the Super Hoist:

    • Allows one person to lift and move heavy loads
    • Provides approximately 80 to 90 lifts from a single tank of CO2
    • One-size-fits-all bracket accepts any common CO2 bottle size
    • Completely portable; easy to store and transport
    • Easy-to-release leg lock keeps legs up for storage or out for use
    • Auto-lubricating oil reservoir on top of each piston inside the cylinder
    • Wheel brakes

    Another unique product innovation from Genie is the Genie Load Lifter, by which one person can easily lift, move and position heavy loads – helping to increase productivity. It can be used to lift and move everything from computer and electronic equipment to small appliances or manufactured parts. It can even function as a work table. The Genie catalog describes the features of their patented Load Lifter as:

    • Great for moving parcels, computers, office equipment, small appliances and other heavy or hard to handle items
    • Also functions as a work table
    • Folds for compact storage
    • High-strength, aircraft-quality winch cable — vinyl coated for longer life
    • Weighs just 58 lbs (26 kg); easy to carry and maneuver
    • Beveled aluminum platform for easy loading
    • Optional non-marking casters and field-installable foot brakes available
    • Vinyl-coated crossbar for improved operator grip and comfort

    The Genie Lift is the ideal product for a variety of material handling needs and one of their most versatile offerings. It is great for shipping/receiving heavy material on shelves, and can be used as a hand truck, forklift or dolly. It loads in a pickup truck for easy transport and has non-marking rear wheels and dual-wheel, front-swivel casters. Consider it the workhorse of Genie’s product line. 

    Another popular model is the Genie Superlift Contractor, ideal for construction firms and all types of contractors, this unit can be easily operated by one person and can lift, lower and move loads up to 650 lbs.

    To round out their product line, Genie offers the Superlift Advantage, a manually operated material lift that is compact and portable and loads easily into a pickup truck. They also offer a product called the Super Tower, designed specifically for theatrical productions and entertainment events.

    Genie definitely stands apart from the pack with its innovative designs, manual maneuverability compressed air technology, and its ease of portability. Their goal is to earn their customers’ business with responsive support – delivered where and when they want it.

    Terex AWP North America

    PO Box 97030

    Redmond, Washington, 98073

    Toll-Free: 800-536-1800

    Local Phone: 425-881-1800


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      December 29, 2020 13:45:pm

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      December 29, 2020 14:07:pm

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