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    CAT Forklifts

    Legendary Durability; Lift Reliability

    CAT Forklift DealersBeing associated with an already reputable and widely accepted name brand gives Cat Forklifts a jump start in the highly competitive Materials Handling equipment marketplace. Cat Forklifts benefit from the Caterpillar heritage of earth-moving and heavy construction equipment. “Rugged,” “durable,” and “reliable” immediately come to mind when considering Caterpillar-related equipment, and Cat Lift Trucks offers a full line of quality lift trucks with model capacities ranging from 2,500 to 36,000 pounds.

    Cat Lift Trucks product offerings consist of electric counterbalanced cushion and pneumatic tire lift trucks as well as internal combustion cushion and pneumatic tire forklifts.  Here’s a listing of Cat forklift products and their respective capacities:

    Class I – Electric Counterbalanced

    • 2,500-4,000 lb. Capacity – 3-Wheel Pneumatic Tire
    • 3,000-4,000 lb. Capacity – Pneumatic Tire –
    • 5,000-6,500 lb. Capacity – Pneumatic Tire –
    • 7,000-10,000 lb. Capacity – Pneumatic Tire –
    • 3,000-6,500 lb. Capacity – Cushion Tire

    Class IV – Internal Combustion Cushion Tire

    • 3,000-6,500 lb. Capacity
      • 7,000-15,500 lb. Capacity
      • 8,000-15,500 lb. Capacity – Paper Handling Chassis

    Class V – Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire

    • 3,000-7,000 lb. Capacity
      • 8,000-12,000 lb. Capacity
      • 15,500 lb. Capacity
      • 17,500-36,000 lb. Capacity

    Hand Pallet

    • 5,500 lb. Capacity 
    • Pallet Jack

    used CAT forklifts for saleWith a dedicated focus on quality, reliability and customer service, Cat Lift Trucks offers innovative material handling solutions you’ve come to expect from the Cat brand. Cat’s claims of Quality center about their commitment to ISO 90001:2000 quality standards and ISO 14001:2004 environmental system standards. The equipment is manufactured in Houston, Texas. All of their products boast of industry-leading features such as fingertip controls, the advanced operator Presence Detection System (PDS), Informative displays, and high strength mast and carriage designs.

    The Cat emphasis on Reliability is intended to increase productivity and minimize downtime resulting in experiencing the uncompromising performance of a Cat lift truck.  Because of high customer expectations, Cat Lift Trucks provides low maintenance products and offers extended service intervals with the goal of minimizing downtime through ease of completing planned maintenance.  The ultimate object of Cat’s attention to low maintenance design is to help the bottom line of their customers.

    When it comes to customer service, Cat Lift Trucks boasts of the most comprehensive support program in the industry today. Every new Cat lift truck is backed by a two-year unlimited-hours warranty, a Free Loaner Service Guarantee and the Parts Fast or Parts Free Guarantee, which ensures next-business-day delivery of parts or they are free.

    CAT forklift rentals

    Cat also provides customers with one of the most comprehensive lift truck support programs in the industry today. Their trained lift truck service technicians, diverse forklift parts inventory and unparalleled selection of service options helps reduce the total cost of ownership and keeps company forklifts performing at their peak. Some of the company support services are the Cat Lift Truck Dealer Network; Forklift Operator Safety / Training; Forklift Planned Maintenance (PM) program / Total Maintenance And Repair (TM&R); Financial Solutions; Customer Satisfaction Guarantee; National Accounts / Fleet Management Services (FMS). Descriptions of these programs can be found on the official Cat Lift Truck website.

    The Cat Lift Truck North American headquarters encompasses more than 600,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Houston, Texas.  The factory incorporates high-tech fabrication methods, sophisticated supply chain management technologies and advanced logistics to ensure the design, manufacture and delivery of the highest quality products.

    The Cat Lift Truck Company has the support of an extensive reliable dealer and field network dedicated to continuous improvement.  With sales and product support throughout the U.S., Canada and Latin America, Cat Lift Trucks delivers customer satisfaction ranging from quality parts and forklift operator training programs to financing and warranty facilitation. 

    Coming from a family with the Caterpillar connection, Cat has a reputation to live up to, and it wears its label with pride, as reflected in optimum quality and reliability throughout its total operation, from design, to engineering, production, maintenance and service.

    Cat Lift Trucks

    Houston, Texas

    1-800-CAT-LIFT (1-800-228-5438)


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