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Clark Forklifts

Clark Forklift DealersIn the world of materials handling equipment, it’s nice to have the distinction of being the first. That is Clark’s claim to fame. Back in 1917, the Colfor Tool Company in Buchanan, Michigan, which became the CLARK Equipment Company, responded to a need to move materials between its various axle, drill and wheel departments. The employees conceived the first “Tructractor” and the prototype of today’s forklift was born. The Tructractor was the world’s first internal combustion-powered industrial truck. In 1918, eight Tructractors were built and in 1919 over 75 were manufactured. Around the same time, the Yale Lock Company was developing a similar product, but Clark was first on the scene. Incidentally, in 1997 the one-millionth CLARK truck was produced. This model CDP25H Megastat is now on permanent display in Clark Material Handling Company’s showroom in Lexington, Kentucky.

But even better than being the first is still being around today, and being considered the BEST. Clark forklift dealers know this fact all too well. Clark may be blowing its own horn, but it is hard to deny that it has not only kept pace with industry trends since it created the first lift truck, but it has led the pack through research, development and innovation during its almost 90 years in the materials handling business.

The Clark Materials Handling Company has adopted the slogan “Built to Last.” The company produces one of the world’s best forklifts by implementing the latest production techniques, coupled with the ideas and efforts of its highly skilled engineers. To maintain the highest level of quality, Clark has adopted a centralized quality control system which oversees the production from the initial development to the assembly stage.

For the past nine decades, CLARK has been one of the industry’s most progressive and responsive manufacturers, continuously seeking innovative ways to improve product, expand service and provide value to its customers.

Today, Clark is a part of a multi-product international company called The Young An Group, which has an annual sales volume of over 1.5 billion US Dollars. The forklift section’s turnover in recent years fluctuates around 250 million US Dollars annually. For the customer looking for a quality materials-handling product, CLARK has history, volume and sales on its side.

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