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The Hyster Forklift Company

From Hoisting Logs in the Pacific Northwest to Lifting World Manufacturing to New Heights

Hyster Forklift PricesWithin the materials-handling industry, where the competition is global and the ranking of companies based on sales in dollars shifts slightly from year to year, the Hyster Company is one of only four American companies among the top twenty international Forklift manufacturers.  As a brand name marketed by NACCO Industries of Cleveland, Ohio, Hyster emerged from the logging industry of the Pacific Northwest dating back to 1929.  It is arguably the largest forklift manufacturing company in the world.

Hyster produces six types of forklifts and boasts of being at the forefront of technology and design in the industry.  The six types of Hyster forklifts are classified from the greatest weight each can handle to the lightest –  from IC (Internal Combustion) cushion tire, IC pneumatic tire, electric counterbalanced, narrow-aisle, motorized hand, and manual pellet truck.  Hyster’s heavy-duty IC cushion tire forklift is available in six models (each counterbalanced and sit down models) that can lift between 2,500 and 15,000 pounds of weight.

Hyster’s reputation is so strong, the name “Hyster” is almost synonymous with the word “Forklift.”  It gained its global reputation because of its pro-active approach to research and development, and its embracing of innovative technology throughout its long history.  The company also has an enviable reputation for customer support and company back-up to distributors around the world through a comprehensive forklift dealer network that is known to provide superior customer service.

Hyster Forklift RentalContinuing our description of the range and variety of its products, Hyster offers ten models of Internal Combustion pneumatic tire lifts.  As with the IC cushion tire models, all of these are sit-down units and counterbalanced.  With tires designed for rough terrain, these are able to handle up to 105,000 pounds.  On the other end of the spectrum, their electric counterbalanced forklifts are available in six models, designed for indoor use with cushioned tires to lift only 4,000 pounds.

Because of its strong and diverse global presence, Hyster is in the forefront of using flexibility and adaptive design in response to customer requests for tailor made products based on regional and local demand. Their 13-production sites world-wide, while employing the same basic design techniques, ISO standards and quality control monitoring, are able to match end-user needs through the use of a wide variety of possible configurations because of the ability to share modular components and features.

Rounding out their extensive line of products, Hyster offers narrow-aisle forklifts that are designed for retrieving products from shelves in a warehouse or retail store setting.  With eleven designs capable of lifting up to 5,000 pounds, they are available in narrow and very narrow, and include specific furniture movers and also, the turret design to give an extensive range of movement.

In the hand forklift category, they have both motorized and manual forklifts.  The motorized hand forklifts are mostly for stacking or towing.  These can lift up to 15,000 pounds, but are more typically designed for the 3,000 to 5,000 pound range.  Finally, their two models of the basic hand pulled pallet truck are able to lift 5,000 pounds.

hyster forklift for saleHyster has a proud reputation of extensive customer research and exhaustive field testing before they launch a new product or model.  Their design engineers put their forklifts through rigorous test cycles to guarantee the highest standards of durability and performance.  But beyond that, they have a special reputation that sets well with workers.  Their ergonomic engineers conduct extensive user surveys for feedback concerning ease of operation and efficiency which benefit the worker and employer equally.  Ergonomic research resulting in improved functionality contributes to increased productivity, safer operation, and operator comfort.  Hyster claims that it knows what it takes to have operator and machine function as one, comfortably. Hyster factors in ergonomics in all their design engineering.

Hyster literature devotes extensive space to customer service issues.  They profess to adhering to as strong a policy of customer service after the sale as they do to generating the sale in the first place. They have a strong Dealer Network which promotes fleet management, parts supplies, capital procurement and equipment training.  Their Financing department is one of the best in the industry.

One of their “branded” services is the UNISOURCE parts and service program which operates as a “one-stop-source” for pricing and prompt delivery of millions of parts for a variety of brands of materials- handling equipment. The goal of this service is to maintain uninterrupted productivity in the case of unexpected malfunction of equipment, large or small.

Distribution and support for Hyster products is organized around major world regions: North America and Canada; Latin America; Europe the Middle East & Africa; Asia – Pacific.  Hyster’s eighty year reputation makes it a major player in the quest for your consideration as provider of Forklift equipment and service. Their products are priced accordingly and are in abundance on used forklift websites worldwide.

Contact The Hyster Company at www.Hyster.com; 1-800-Hyster-1.


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    November 18, 2023 10:49:am

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  3. ForkliftArticles.com Staff
    November 19, 2023 13:38:pm

    What a great brand to have your company name be synonymous with the equipment you manufacture. Tremendous accomplishment by the Hyster-Yale group. Hyster forklifts have an amazing reputations. Whether you rent a Hyster forklift, lease, or purchased a new or used Hyster forklift, their equipment has a proven track record that will help your business achieve its material handling mission. Looking for a local forklift company near you? Check out these local resources that can provide you with forklift prices on new and used forklifts, pricing on Hyster forklift rentals, and Hyster forklift leases:

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