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Crown Forklift Company


The Crown Forklift Company has a reputation within the material-handling industry as one of the younger and more innovative (translation: risk taker) companies. As a result, it boasts of several awards, chief among them, the “Design of the Decade” award from the International Design Society of America.

Crown Forklift RentalsIt is one of the few home-based American forklift companies in the top twenty list categorized by sales volume. It prides itself for being based in the small Ohio town in which it was born just after the end of World War II. From manufacturing temperature controls for coal burning furnaces (which became obsolete with the decline of the coal industry), and then creatively moving on to producing now obsolete TV antenna rotators, and next, in the spirit of diversification for survival, entered the fork lift business in 1957, continuing the company culture of creative innovation in response to the industrial need of the time, today making Crown Equipment Corporation the seventh largest lift truck manufacturer in the world despite its humble beginnings as a one-room operation in the small American Community of New Bremen, Ohio.

Crown’s approach to forklift design focuses on advanced ideas for productivity, safety and product lifespan.  Innovative ideas, supported by on-the-job observation and expert analysis, inspire Crown to produce superior forklifts that transform ordinary workplaces into efficient, highly productive and successful enterprises.

Crown Forklift DealersCrown saw a need and created its own niche in the material-handling industry for a smaller line of high quality lift trucks for intermediate-duty use. The company produced an up-to-date range of equipment and soon became the fastest growing material handling company in its range of products. From a domestic company, it went global in 1966 by venturing into the Australian market. Crown’s Asia Pacific sales, service an marketing efforts emanate from its Sydney regional headquarters. By 1968 Crown was operating throughout Europe.

Today, Crown manufactures a wide variety of electric lift trucks.  Crown-owned and Independently-owned dealerships are located throughout the world in nearly 100 cities supported on all levels by the New Bremen, Ohio corporate offices and the Munich, Germany office which services Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India.

Crown has manufacturing facilities in six locations in the United States – 4 in Ohio, and one each in Indiana and North Carolina with strong international manufacturing capabilities in Australia, China, Germany and Mexico.

What, exactly, distinguishes Crown from its competitors?  Part of the answer comes from its award winning innovative design excellence.  It has received over 50 prominent design awards.  The Crown line of lift trucks has earned an enviable reputation as safe, reliable and productive – worldwide. In the early 1970s Crown had already earned a reputation from material handling experts for being daring and innovative for its side-stance design. Today, this design has popular industry-wide acceptance.

Crown also introduced an industry first, the 5200S Series Reach Truck, which provides the operator with “sit, lean or stand” choices, along with its unsurpassed productivity capabilities.

Used Crown Forklift For SaleAnother Crown hallmark is its commitment to sustainability. Crown integrates sustainability into its day-to-day business processes to reduce company-wide environmental impact. They have attained their reputation for sustainability through both their product design and their manufacturing processes and lift truck re-manufacturing practices. Crown’s unique commitment to sustainability extends beyond its own internal practices by way of their corporate commitment to pro-actively assist their customers to become more sustainable by incorporating the principles of minimizing waste, managing energy and maximizing lifespan into their company culture.

Crown’s passion for providing forklifts with unsurpassed technology, durability and productivity is evident in the way the company designs, manufactures and supports their products.  Crown meets the fast-paced demands of their customers with high-quality, innovative products – delivered on time and on spec. Crown’s durability is evident by the amount of used Crown forklifts that are bought and sold each day.

Crown’s award-winning design doesn’t happen by accident.  They do it through research into how operators and businesses use their lift trucks, examining every component to assure that their forklifts deliver optimal productive use.  This process results in a line of IC and electric lift trucks that have earned the reputation for unsurpassed quality, ergonomics and serviceability.

Crown Equipment Corporation
44 South Washington St.
New Bremen, OH 45869 USA
Tel  419 629 2311
Fax 419 629 2900

Website: www.crown.com


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